4 Feng Shui Items That You Can Use To Decorate Your Home

Feng Shui can be described as both a science and an art that deals with the alignment of design in accordance with spiritual forces. This is said to create positive energy known as chi that can positively affect a person’s harmony prosperity and health.

The items that you use when decorating a space using Feng Shui are just as important as the arrangement itself because they help in creating an energy flow. Here are some items you could incorporate in your Feng Shui home décor.

Wind Chime

Wind Chime
In Feng Shui, the flow of wind can help in creating positive energy. Wind chimes can, therefore, be used to create a new flow of redundant energy within a particular space. The wind chimes should be placed close to the living room entrance.


Candles on Mantlepiece
According to the principles of Feng Shui candles have the ability to create positive energy. The number six is very significant in Feng Shui, therefore, placing six candles on a mantle piece will not just create positive but it will also create a necessary spiritual balance.

Family Photos

Family Photos
Pictures are pleasant reminders of good times and this promotes relationships and harmony. This is are important aspects when implementing Feng Shui based décor design. It is important to display the pictures that depict happy moments because this helps create positive vibes. Place the photos close together to denote closeness with family members.

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