4 Pristine Shades of White for Home Decor

Off White Paint

China white
Many home designers use this shade of white. It has an off-white appearance and when compared with pure white, it has a greige appearance. This is a great option for anyone who wants a white hue that has body.

Cotton White (C2)
White is a very pronounced color that also makes anything in its pathway come forward. Cotton white is among the softest kinds of white and it has a yellowish undertone that adds a dynamic look. Cotton white is a great complimentary color for wood finishes.

White Wall Paint

Honeymilk White
This hue is warmer than pure white and has hints of beige and gray. Honeymilk is a great shade for wall and can be used in different rooms.

Soft White

Decorator’s White
This is a great option for woodwork or ceilings in different rooms. It has a yellow, creamish look that is accentuated by light. If you’re looking for a shade of white that is clean and bright, this is a great option.

White Gray

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