4 Types of Awnings for your outdoor space

Are you looking for a lovely awning that can transform the outdoor space into an enthralling area for relaxing with friends and family? Here are four great types of awnings you can select from.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings
This is a great option or people with a patio, balcony or deck. The awning is encased in a slim case and is mounted on the wall but only retracted when you need to use it. The retractable model can be automatic or manual. The good thing with a retractable is that you only unfold it when the sun is hot and keep it folded in cool weather.

Fixed Awnings

Fixed Frame Awning
A fixed awning is mainly fitted on doors and windows permanently. This type of awning has a beautiful finish and further provides additional protection for furniture under the shade. You can select a traditional wedge, boxed outlook, ridged model or even bull nose designed depending on personal preference. If your outdoor space is a patio, you can choose a fixed awning designed from aluminum or acrylic fabrics.

Verandah Awning Models 

Verandah Awning
These awnings are popular on verandah extensions and are mounted at the edge of the house roofing to provide extra space for family and friends. The awning does not only work well when it is sunny, but it is also a perfect cover when it is raining outside. The design incorporates a pulley system and is fitted high enough not to affect light supply. If you want to make the awning more enthralling, you can strategically position live plants or lighting during family events.

Flash Drop Awnings

Flash Drop Awning
Just like the verandah awnings, the straight drop awning can also be fitted in gazebos and patios. The awnings are designed to work on gear systems or spring designs. They have perforated materials that allow some light to pass through as opposed to blocking it entirely. The height is adjustable to fit personal preference especially when additional decorations are to be included.

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