4 Types of Ventilation for your Home

ventilation exhaust
Ventilation is an important aspect of any house because it ensures that the entire building has sufficient air circulation. There are plenty of reasons why you need to ventilate your home and they include the following:

  • It reduces the accumulation of condensation. When a building becomes very humid it is no longer able to hold more moisture leading to a buildup of mildew and mold.

  • Good ventilation helps filter out allergens. Lack of proper ventilation allows allergens to multiply and grow. This may eventually become a health hazard for the occupants of the home.

Since we now know the reasons why a ventilation system is important for any home it is time to find out the types of ventilation available.

  • Natural Ventilation

    natural ventilation illustrationThis involves modification of a housing structure to ensure that there is sufficient inflow and outflow of fresh air throughout the building. Windows, ventilation vents, and retractable skylights are some of the components that are used to facilitate natural ventilation.

    natural flow of air

  • Supply-only ventilation

    supply only ventilation

    This kind of ventilation involves the supply of fresh air using strategically placed fans all around a house. This ensures that fresh air is supplied but it does not offer provisions for the expelling of air out of the house.

  • Exhaust-only Ventilation

    exhaust only ventilation systemThis the opposite version of supply-only ventilation. It involves the process of expelling stale air from a house. Once the stale and moist air is expelled ,fresh air can then be drawn in.

    exhaust only ventilation sytem diagram

  • Balanced Ventilation

    This form of ventilation includes a combination of exhaust-only and supply-only systems. The process involves the creation of a systematic outflow of stale air and constant inflow of fresh air. This system determines the direction and delivery of air.

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