4 uses for your urban backyard

Small Backyard Design

City Dwellers can easily make use of their small garden spaces in the following ways:

  • Outdoor dining area

A small backyard can be easily transformed into an outdoor dining area with basic furniture.  You could also go ahead and add a patio for added functionality. This small space can be quite relaxing when you want a change from the indoors. Outdoor dining is also a good way of entertaining guests.

Outdoor Dining Area

  • Play area

If you have kids you can transform your small urban backyard into a great playground.  Since there may not be much space you could decide to install vertical playground equipment such as monkey bars or a small slide.  If you have sufficient space you could also consider other play items such as swings, a sandbox or even a trampoline.

Backyard Play Area

  • Relax area

Urban settings can be rather stressful and it’s great to have a small relaxation area where you can meditate, unwind or even read. This area could have a small for a more natural look and feel.  You may also consider installing a hammock which allows you to relax while outdoors.

Backyard Relax Area

  • Vegetable patch

Many people in urban settings do not consider growing their greens. A small portion of you backyard can actually produce a significant amount of vegetables for your household needs.  It however, takes a bit of planning and regular tending to ensure the vegetable patch remains well maintained.

Small Urban Vegetable Garden

Innovative Urban Vegetable Garden


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