5 Interior Design Tips for your Bachelor Pad

Vinyl Wall Art Decal Floral Design

We decided to share with you some basic things that guys need to put into consideration when furnishing their personal spaces.

  1. Its okay to have that items just for show

    Men often purchase things that they hope to use which is okay but when it comes to furnishing a space it is okay to have a couple of decorative and potentially function-less items such as sculptures, tribal figurines or even a fancy globe to add life to a room.Tribal Figurines

  2. Invest in wall art

    Great art is an expression of maturity and it’s therefore advisable to seek some original paintings, prints or lithographs rather than getting generic pieces.Vinyl Wall Art Decal Floral Design

  3. Infuse some greenery

    A plant or two adds life to any space without being too imposing and most indoor plant varieties are quite easy to maintain and care for.Indoor Plant

  4. Antique Look

    Even if you’re not into the whole vintage look it is okay to have a small antique collection which is not only masculine but also inviting.Antique Look

  5. Invest in a nice rug

    A rug is one of the most noticeable furnishings in a room and there should be no compromise as far as quality is concerned. Notable suggestions include, speckled cowhide, Moroccan Trellis Wool rug and Oriental pieces among others.

    Houndstooth Rug

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