Advantages of Installing Cork Flooring

Living Room Cork Parquet Flooring

It may come as a surprise to some but cork is making a comeback and may soon become the floor material of choice in the coming years.  It has striking similarity to hardwood, however it is more environmentally friendly and is relatively affordable.  So, the big question is, why should you choose cork flooring over other materials?

  • Environmentally friendly

The material used for cork flooring comes from cork oak tree bark. This means that trees do not have to be felled in order to harvest the raw material. The bark also grows back on the tree naturally after a couple of years. So, if you choose to have a cork floor you can be rest assured that you are saving the environment from deforestation.

  • Clean

Cork is has self-cleansing properties and is anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.  Other properties that make cork a sanitary flooring option is the fact that is it very resistant to bugs, mildew and mold.  The floor can also easily be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or mopping gently with a slightly moist mop.

Floating Cork Flooring

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  • Warm

Cork naturally retains some warmth and research has shown that cork floors are often warmer on cold mornings than tiled or wooden floors.

  • Affordable

Cork is significantly cheaper than other common flooring options such as hardwood and tiles.

  • Durability

Cork is not as fragile as other floor types and with good care it can last a lifetime

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