Affordable DIY Home Makeovers That You Should Consider

Great Mirror Makeover

DIY Mirror Makover

If you want to give your mirror an upgrade, you can decide to build a frame around it and include a small storage at the base of the mirror. This idea not only add visual appeal to the mirror but it also adds functionality.

Rolling Under-Bed Storage

Rolling Storage

If you would like to add some storage beneath a bed a simple method is to simply look for old cupboards or crates which can easily be fixed with wheels and handles. This is a simple idea that could save you cash and significantly add to your storage space.

Kiddie Toy Box

DIY Kiddie Box

If you have old crates that you would like to re-purpose you can easily create a toy box with minimal effort. All you have to do is clean the box thoroughly and smoothen it if it has rough surfaces or edges.  You can them add some lining on the inside using soft material. If you are feeling creative you can paint the box with child-friendly colors and add some eye-catching designs.

Tin Can Desk Organizers

Tin Can Makover

Did you know that you could turn an old tuna or baked beans tin can into a beautiful desk organizer? Well it’s true. This simple method can turn a seemingly useless cans into functional art pieces.  You simply clean the tin cans well, get some metal paint and create interesting motifs on the outer part of the tins. Once the paint is dry the tins can be used to store items such as pens, scissors, papers clips and other office stationery.

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