Best Lighting Options for your Bathroom

 Futuristic Strip Light Design   

Installing a suitable lighting scheme in your bathroom is sure to make a great difference when going about routing activities like applying makeup, shaving and bathing.  Considering that each bathroom has its own unique setup, it is important to find the right lighting solution in order to maximize on the effectiveness of good bathroom lighting.  Bathrooms that do not receive any natural light for instance, would require additional lighting. Small bathrooms on the other hand may require just one lighting fixture which may be adequate enough for the small space.  Some lighting options to consider are as follows.

  • Strip Lights

Strip Light Above Bathroom Sink

This is a special strand that is fitted with continuous LED strip lights. This is an ideal lighting option because it distributes light evenly in a specific area a room. For instance you could install a strip light above the mirror or along the sides of the mirror which is ideal for grooming purposes.

  • Recessed lights

Recessed Bathroom Lights Above Bathroom Sink

These are lighting fixtures that are fixed on the ceiling and are ideal for bathrooms because they are unobtrusive.  The intensity of illumination for recesses lights depend on the wattage of bulbs.  When installing recessed lights over mirrors, it is important to consider affixing additional lights on the sides to minimize shadows.

Recessed Pot Ceiling Lights in Bathroom

  • Wall lights

This wall mounted lighting fixtures are ideal for offering additional light from overheard lights.  They are also great for decorative fittings that could add elegance to your bathroom.  Wall lights can offer both accent and task lighting.

Bathroom Wall Light



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