Chic Country House Architecture with Adorable Interior Design

Fantastic Healthy Home with Shady Trees at Wide Grassy Yard Classic French Door and Rough Stone Outdoor Wall Dark Sloping Roof

Let’s take a look at this country house architecture and see how adorable this place interior! This fancy house has elegant interior with trendy furniture. You also can discover that this place feels so comfortable as your living place with your family. The internal architecture looks beautiful. You are able to find chic and clean room in every house’s corner. No wonder that many families want to have this house as their permanent living space.

We can begin with the hallway. This hall is elegant. It has brown color in every place. The brown color and wooden element makes this house seems so impressive. It has brown wooden floor. You also can cover the floor with brown carpet with white vintage pattern. This hall also has round wooden table set in the center of the hall. You can place Chinese porcelain as the decorations. The existence a vase of flowers makes this table prettier. You also can hang gorgeous ball pendant light on the ceiling. What a stunning country house design!

Fascinating Healthy Home Enlightened by Metallic Pendant Lights above Sectional White Kitchen Corner with Arched Glass Window

The design of the bedroom looks so fabulous. This bedroom is set in the attic. It is very lovely for your daughter’s bedroom. The entire of this sleeping room has wooden material. You can discover the large bed in the corner. This bed seems so fascinating with the addition of the colorful pillows. The existence of colorful cotton ball lights in the ceiling creates awesome atmosphere in this bedroom. You also can add fur carpet with variant color in the wood floor.

Healthy Home Loundry Room Furnished with Compact White Cabinet and Sophisticated Washing Machine Fresh Ornamental Plants

The last we can peek up the laundry room. This washing room has the combination of black and white as the internal color theme. You can discover white long cabinet patched on the white wall. This white cabinet looks so trendy with white surface. In the corner, you can notice the existence of two white washing machines. Add some vases with green plantations to bring freshness in this space. Let’s imitate these country house design ideas as your own house!

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