Chimney Balloons

Inserting a chimney balloon

For those people who are affected by bad odors, draughts as well as heat loss from their chimneys when not in use, there is an effective and easy way to deal with the problem. Chimney balloons are removable devices that are structured like pillows and they are inserted in the chimney flue. The balloon is inserted into the chimney and filled with air which swells it up thus filling the entire chimney cavity. To remove it, all the air inside it is let out and it deflates.  The structure is made up of a special three ply membrane which is makes it resistant to acidic conditions and can with stand  the abrasive conditions that are characteristic of chimneys.

  • How a Chimney Balloon Works

The inventor of this gadget banked on one principle which is that warm air goes up while cool air tends to rise. By placing this special balloon therefore in the chimney shaft, it will be able to keep out any cool air that is coming down the chimney. At the same time it will halt the escape of warm air out the flue.  Using the balloon will also effectively keep out odors as well as any other debris that may find its way down the chimney shaft. To use it, simply inflate the device and insert it into the chimney shaft thus filling the entire gap while leaving some space for ventilation.

Chimney Balloon animation

  • Why not just use any inflatable device?

As mentioned earlier a chimney balloon is manufactured with special materials that make resistant to harsh conditions and these qualities are not found in just any inflatable device. It is therefore important to go for a proper chimney balloon rather settling on a improvised versions that are not likely to be effective enough.

  • Cost effective

Getting a quality chimney balloon does not necessarily meant that you have to fork out large amounts of cash. Most models are quite affordable meaning that you don’t have to put a dent in your budget after purchasing one.  The device can last for years and there may be no need to ever purchase another one unless it gets damaged.

  • Storage

Since it is deflated when not in use, the balloon does not take up a lot of storage space when not in use.

A chimney balloon is a worthwhile investment and its benefits are definitely far reaching.

black chimney balloon

Inflated chimney balloon


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