Cool Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas that add Warmth and Style

These contemporary fireplace design ideas definitely add comfort and style to your living place and can change the outlook of your home. We have compiled some of the most stunning fireplace designs that you could consider for your home. Let’s check them out.

Let’s start with the modern fireplace design pictures which reveal a contemporary interior that is designed with an open floor plan. The seamless, open interior  makes the room look truly spacious. You may however need to integrate a room divider in the décor inorder to create a stylish partition. In the black and white room highlighted below, you can see how the double-sided fireplace can do double duty really well—and stylishly, of course!

The double-sided fireplace however, is not the only option you can explore. There are still many contemporary fireplaces you can explore. The stylish apartment living room maximizes on the limited space available without sacrificing the amenities of an ideal gathering room. This modern living room is also a great example of how a fireplace doesn’t always have to be exactly at the center of the room.

An issue of concern is to how to make the fireplace less bulkier than the traditional ones. Luckily, this is  achievable in a contemporary setting. Check out this minimalist living room with its built-in fireplace mounted into the wall which is perfect for a small room. The modern fireplace design  ideas here are also a great choice if you want to create uncluttered room interior.

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