Creative Uses of Floating Shelves from IKEA for Stylish Storage Units

Simple White Panel for Appealing Floating Shelves IKEA with Various Ornaments on Grey Painted Wall

When it comes to floating shelves from IKEA, the Lack series immediately stands out. Well, it is not surprising to know that IKEA Lack series goes beyond just functionality. Aside from being simply useful as  interior storage solutions, this furniture series surprisingly has many different uses, especially if you know how to get creative when furnishing interior rooms. Well, let’s see the ideas you can explore with these storage unit series.

Stunning Dog Ornaments on Classic Dark Floating Shelves IKEA for Vintage Room Interior

We have already covered some useful floating shelves ideas in the past, so we have already learnt that floating shelves are very versatile. The open storage units can be installed in various areas including entry hallways, living rooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. However, as what you may have noticed from the creative floating shelves IKEA hack ideas, the shelves have multiple purposes.

For instance, if you plan to install a wall mounted desk for your small home office, with a surface that can be used for other needs, then the Lack floating shelf may be a suitable choice for you. Alternatively, you can use the floating shelves as an alternative for home office storage so you can maximize the available vertical space over the office desk. You can also visit great computer desk ideas for small spaces you must see or awesome small workspace designs for you to work conveniently if you are interested in this topic.

Tidy Oak Floating Shelves IKEA on White Painted Wall above Solid Teak Cabinet

What is really exciting about IKEA Lack is the virtually unlimited possibilities you can explore with the floating shelves. Even for the open storage units under the Lack series, you can enjoy versatility as well. For instance, consider an apartment interior where the dining opens up to a small seating area. An open storage unit neatly installed on the wall provides even more storage spaces without sacrificing on aesthetic appeal while revealing a modular storage look.

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