Creative Cool Room Painting Ideas

Beautiful Splatter Painted Ceiling above Cozy Bed side Wall Lamp for Cool Room Painting Ideas

These cool room painting ideas will change your mind: Walls are blank canvases that are waiting to come alive to be filled with color. But it does not make simply painting the walls just like any homeowner will do is the only option you have. Take the more creative route and make walls as a space to express your artsy side for a more inviting and attractive interior decorating style!

Breathtaking Cool Room Painting Ideas with Nice Bed side Cute Credenza on Sleek Floor

When it comes to using more than one color, using pattern can always make a fun and exciting way when painting the walls. So, what kind of pattern do you consider using? We bet the usual stripes are what pop first in your mind. Well, we do not mean to say that stripes cannot make as one of cool room wall ideas—in fact, colorful stripes can make a simple but dramatic change. However, what about considering something different such as waves? Waves still allow you to use more than two contrasting hues with the more eye-catchy details.

Colorful Wallpaper for Cool Room Painting Ideas with Cute Arch Lamp near Sweet Bed

But if you wish to take the clean, straight lines to a whole different level, consider adding them in a much more abstract way. Therefore, rather than sticking with the stripes, you can vary the width of each line and spread them randomly—just like a geometric artwork shows! Forget about patterns and free yourself from anything that feels too specific.

Cozy Bed side Black Desk near Blue Chair right for Cool Room Painting Ideas

Ombre walls, everyone? The subtle color change from one hue to another is one reason why ombre is always loved, either in fashion industry or home interior design. Any color combination always works when it comes to ombre painting. Just be sure you pick the color palette from the lightest to the darkest or richest. You can also combine the techniques with ombre for cool room decorating ideas, such as using ombre technique by showing off chevron pattern on the walls.

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