Curtain Room Dividers

curtain room divider

There comes a time when you require some kind of partition without necessarily having to construct a permanent fixture. In such cases a curtain divider would work perfectly. You simply have to drape a piece of fabric between two spaces and voila, you have two separate spaces.

If you have children who are opposed to sharing a room, you can use this quick fix method that has an amazing partitioning effect.  The same case can apply if you intend to create a small changing area within a large room. The curtain will be able to provide much needed privacy without the need for major construction.

white curtain room divider

All you require for this kind of room divider is a suitable large fabric, hanging devices which will suspend the material. You may install a curtain track on the ceiling which can be attached to the curtain and will enable the material to be slid across depending on which area of the room is to be closed off. This means you can choose when you want to partition a room and when to have a single open space.  If you are unable to install the track then curtain rods are good alternatives.  Whichever method you choose to suspend the curtain, try as much as possible to ensure that it fits in well with the room’s structure and decor. It is quite un-complementing to have a room that is partitioned with fabric that clashes with all the aspects of a room. It is a very prominent part of a room’s furnishing therefore it needs to have some harmony with everything else.

A unique form of room divider is the beaded curtain which contains several suspended strands each draped with beads.  If you are looking for a rustic vintage look this is probably the best option. The beads can be made of various materials including wood, ceramic or plastic and the bead circumference is usually either ½” or ¼ “. Closely related to the beaded curtain is the Bamboo curtain which just as the name suggests is made of bamboo strands.

decorative curtain room divider

The simplest form of partition is now at your disposal and it only requires just some kind of fabric or beaded strands. No need to rack your brains trying to calculate construction costs which could set you back financially. This is something you can easily do yourself and in addition to this you can customize the curtains to suit your personal taste. Now this sounds practical doesn’t it?

Ceiling Curtain Track System

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