Decorative and safety bollards for your home

street black bollards

Bollards are short vertical posts that are usually installed outside buildings. They were initially used for mooring ships at docks but later their use was adapted to modern construction. In terms of safety, bollards are used as protective barriers hence restricting passage beyond a certain point.  They can also be used to protect buildings from car damage by creating a protective barrier.  Bollards can also be used to designate parking areas and separate parking slots. This helps in restricting the breaching of defined spaces.

Bollards also have decorative uses due to their great ornamental value.  They can be designed to fit both traditional as well as modern architectural styles.  Contemporary style bollards are simpler and usually consist of straight sided posts.  Traditional or antiquated bollard designs are more elaborate and include more surface detail, ornamentation and varied shapes.

black and white bollards

Aluminium and iron bollards are normally made through an intricate process of sand casting however, this is a cheaper method that may not have the best end products. For a more professional final product the bollards can be taken through a machine-finish process that gives a well finished product.  The finish is very important especially for decorative bollards.  A good finish does not only serve as an esthetic function, it is also for the purpose of debility.  Bollards are very prone to scuffs and nicks, therefore a strong coating such as aluminium or stainless steel will serve as great protective layers.

safety bollards

Security bollards are important for homes because they can act as anti-ram devices.  By placing them on the periphery of your home, you can be assured that it can prevent or reduce the chances of a cars ramming into your house.  Bollards are therefore great security installations that can improve the safety of a home.

Bollards tend to be overlooked however, there serve many purposes and should be considered for homes.

decorative bollards

cast iron bollards

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