Factors to consider when buying a floor lamp

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Floor lamps are a suitable way of supplementing your lighting needs and they do not require much space. They are also easy to move around and can add the ambience of any space.  This portable light source is now considered an important fixture for any home and below are some issues to put into consideration before choosing the right one.

  • Direction of light

You have to know where exactly you want the light to shine before buying a floor lamp.  For instance if you’re looking for a reading floor lamp you should choose a lamp that has a downward facing bulb. If you need a lamp that is not limited to a particular angle you could get an adjustable device which is more versatile.

Red Oriental Poppy Floor Lamp

  • Light intensity

You need to know just how much light you need the lamp to emit.  If you require a lot of light you can look for a lamp that either has high wattage or one with multiple bulbs.

  • Purpose

You will need to determine beforehand whether the lamp is for functional use or simply for decorative purposes.

  • Style

Even if the lamp you have in mind is functional you still need a device that fits in with your interior decor.

Pinch and Splay Floor Lamps Furniture Design

  • Look around

Don’t just settle on the first lamps you come across.  Look around and you may find just what you’re looking for.

Decorative Floor Lamps

Curved Floor Lamp

Dexter Floor Lamp

Basic Functional Floor Lamp

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