Fantastic Paper Sculpture Design in 3D Famous Building Structure

Beautiful Details in the Taj Mahal Model by ChristinaLihan Works with Sensational Carving and Interesting Shape

Christina Lihan from Lihan Studio has brilliantly shaped a fantastic paper sculpture design into some wonderful prototype of three dimension famous building, such as Eiffel tower, Taj Mahal, famous bridges, various beautiful landmark and city building landscape. The distinctive point here is the sculpture has very captivating details which were resulted from hand cut paper. Interesting, isn’t it? White of course becomes the main background, with some additional color as the producer of gradation such as gold and black. The details also expose precise and amazing tidy ornament which expresses specific curved and carved for each replica.

Brilliant ChristinaLihan Works with Awesome Details in the Works with White Material and the High Creativity

About the material, specific paper was used namely plain watercolor paper. Among paper sculpture illustration prototype, this 3D creation could be defined as a distinctive example. Cold Press papers specifically Lanaquarella, Fabriano and Arches were used. As a result, even though this paper sculpture is sculpture, but it elegantly could be placed on the wall. Moreover, this prototype was also framed in a lovely shadow box frames which were created from natural wood and stained wood. For any paper sculpture enthusiast, this amazing archetype will hypnotize you for sure.

Further ahead, talking about the replica concept, various building, bridge, city landscape and so on were appeared through this project. The plain paper apparently could produce an ultimate vigorous outlook, along with the shadow box frames which embrace the beauty of each design. The gradation also successfully produces a genuine magnificent and vigorous figure for each building, bridge and city landscape. This artistic creation absolutely has a high value of authentic creativity. It shows how contemporary art could be created from plain watercolor paper and the creativity of hand cut paper.

Fabulous Carving and Stunning Ornaments in the Taj Mahal Model by ChristinaLihan Works in White Color

In summary, this affecting paper sculpture really demonstrates the modern inspiration. Through impressive idea by using watercolor paper, and some additional features, the designer really did a great job. For any of you who have high dedication and desire about paper sculpture 3D illustration, this prototype will be inspire you, and perhaps it will give you more fresh idea about how composing modern paper sculpture with modest materials.

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