How To Find Out If a Porcelain Accessory Is Authentic

Chinese Porcelain It can be a very rewarding to collect beautiful porcelain artifacts. There is a wide range of porcelain items to choose from, however, the problem is that there are plenty of replica porcelain products that are not genuine. When shopping around it is important to know how to spot a fake. The following tips will help you when doing your purchases because many sellers may deceive you with counterfeit porcelain items.

DIY Handmade-White-Porcelain Flower Holder

Genuine porcelain items usually consist of a number of layers laid on top of each other to form a sturdy structure. Usually, you should be able to feel each layer if you run you finger across an edge. If you are unable to distinguish any layers thee is a high probability that the item is a fake.

Handmade White Porcelain

Assess every piece keenly. One of the tricks that fraudsters use to sell knock-off antique porcelain. Techniques such as artificial chipping and flaking are done to give a false rustic feel. Ensure that you keenly assess each item for signs of tampering.

Chinese Antique Porcelain Planter

Choosing where you shop is a very important aspect if you expect genuine products. You should develop a rapport with vetted, credible sellers who can be vouched for. Ensure that you build relationships with the right dealers.

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