Framed vs Frameless Glass Shower Doors Options

Plush Glass Shower Doors with Dark Handle for Stall Shower SchemeWhen you decide to install glass shower doors for your bathroom space, you will be faced with the option of having a frameless door or not. The choice between frameless of framed glass doors for shower room is not only the matter of appearance. Both of them indeed can keep water contained within the space, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The frameless glass shower doors rely on heavy-duty glass and structural support provided by special pivots. These units have minimal metallic material around the operable parts, however, some parts still have metal frame or tracks, such as the edges or bottoms. On the other hand, framed glass shower enclosures traditionally feature composite or aluminum frames surrounding the sheets of textured or tempered glass. The metal parts surround not only the operable part, but also other parts of the shower enclosure.

Sharp Mini Bathroom Supported by Panel And Glass Shower Doors Design Illuminated by the Light

Due to the metal frame, framed shower enclosures are most recommended as they can keep water where it belongs. The watertight door structure also comes with sweeps and seals, meaning they can be placed anywhere, even in front of the shower spray without you having to worry about leaks. You can also spend less money for framed glass enclosure installation, especially if you don’t use highly polished edges, specialty hardware and thick glass.

Shiny Glass Shower Doors plus Silver Shower Bath near Towel Rack at Cottage Bathroom Image

On the other hand, frameless units have greater variety of design options. You can maximize on customization when you opt for frameless glass shower enclosures. Even so, the absence of door frames make it easier for water to leak so they aren’t recommended to be installed right next to shower head.However, the frameless shower doors tend to be much easier to clean and are useful to create a more open and airy interior.

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