Fresh New Trends in Interior Design: Aesthetically Surprising

Creative New Trends in Interior Design with Antique Stone Fireplace and Metallic Pendant Light Square Wood Coffee Table Sectional Sofa

What we are going to take you to see today is some incredible new trends in interior design for this year. There are many surprising elements to make your home interior more spectacular, yet they are integrated without neglecting the beauty aspect. The comfort part is truly unquestionable. After all, the ideal room interior is the one that can blend both of those elements, isn’t it?

Let’s start from the beautiful natural element as part of your room interior. Actually, this can be done easily as seen on the open interior that can establish strong indoor-outdoor connection, especially when the home is surrounded by the spectacular natural scenery. As for one of the new trends in interior design 2014, this integration can be done in such a spectacular way, which can be seen in this extraordinary living room design. Dramatically employing the stones to form the fireplace mantel kit, the exquisite tree-inspired decor can make the room beautifully exceptional!

Excellent New Trends in Interior Design Furnished with Cool Sofa Set and Stylish Kitchen Furniture Pretty Floral Print Carpet

Playing with prints is always something fun to do. The beautiful printed fabrics can be utilized to bring in texture and accent in your room, even in simple way without disrupting the overall impression. Look at this beautiful living room interior that displays the adorable floral print in white and blue for its beautiful seating. See also the exotic ethnic print for the throw pillows to accent the modern sofas in this contemporary airy living room.

Extravagant New Trends in Interior Design Including Large Bookcase and Antique Leather Sofa Glass Coffee Table Futuristic Chandelier

Be beautifully elegant and lavish! Looking at this elegant home office, the working time spent here can feel truly glamorous, right? We simply adore the choice of elegant furniture to provide both comfort and beauty for this office space. The choice of neutral color palette for the interior also doesn’t stop this room from being fabulous. We truly adore the choice of fresh blue as part of the trends home decorating in this room, which can be seen on the lavish seating and the beautiful flowers on office desk.

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