Grey Contemporary Exterior Design from a Three Story House in Korea

Astonishing Building Design of H Residence with Soft Grey Colored Concrete Floor and Soft Cream Lighting from the Floor Lamps

There is a house in Seoul, South Korea that was completed with a perfect contemporary exterior design. This was designed by bang by min who called the project as the H-House. This project is built on sloping ground. Its geometric shape is painted in natural grey given by the concrete and stones. If you take a look at it, there is a simple staircase that will take you upper to the house. Yes, the lowest level is used as the garage. And for further exploration, let’s check out this project even more.

This is a three story house. See the highest level of this project. It is small and filled by transparent wall of the facade. Surely from this site, you can enjoy perfect scenery from inside the dwelling. Move to another point of view of the project, you will find another beautiful part of the house. The contemporary exterior design photos show a medium patio of the house from some different angles. This patio is bordered by simple balustrade and completed by some plants in pots. Aren’t they fresh and pretty?

Astounding Building Design of H Residence with Wide Glass Panel Windows and Black Colored Handrail which is Made from Metallic Material

At night, this house has a dazzling look also. The glass, the building, and lots of yellow lamps around are combined together to create beauty of modernity. Those lamps are added on the patio, near the plants too. What you have to see also is the transparent wall near the staircase inside the house. From outside, you can see towards inside the house. And from inside the house, you can enjoy the outdoor scenery while you are on the staircase. Perfect? Of course.

Awesome Building Design of H Residence with Dark Brown Colored Outer Wall which is Made from Wooden Material and Glass Window

A foldable giant door is provided there, near a small garden of the house. This garden has white and black pebbles decorate the air of the opened part. Another picture shows you the view of the house from the highest point towards the lowest area. You can see a squared area of grey concrete, glass, and lamps are supporting each other. If you like to see a little part of the interior, check it out in the other pictures presented. Enjoy the modern exterior design photos and get yourself inspired.

More photos of this project

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