Lovely Unique Exterior Design in a Childcare with Flashy Interior

Fascinating Play Center Children with Glaring Shiny Neon Pendant Lights above Kids Playroom Furnished Wood Cabinet and Colorful Dining Set

There is a nice childcare in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris called as The Giraffe Childcare having a unique exterior design. The creator is the Hondelatte Laporte Architects. This place is dazzling. It has a floating building in the middle of the urban city. That floating building is supported by a unique cantilever. What is the cantilever? Let’s take a look at it even closer.

From the distance surely you will notice its uniqueness. A very tall yellow giraffe stands on the concrete outdoor flooring. White box of the building is there, in the middle of the giraffe’s body. White and patterned, the building architectural simply shows modernity in its own way. Actually, this building is very big. It is lengthened, but as the icon of the Giraffe Childcare, automatically this cute giraffe needs to be shown. The yellow exterior paint design is perfect. It shocking color will catch your eyes perfectly. You cannot avoid its presence.

Glamorous Play Center Children with Cool White Marble Outdoor Wall and Glass Windows Chic Yellow Giraffe Statue

From the main entrance, you will see the giant foot of the giant giraffe. Those feet are patterned in good way. The grey main gate is simple and minimalist. And here you can see that most of the building is dominated by glass in this part. No parking lot inside the main gate. But there is a huge cage provided for you to keep the strollers from the visitors. This childcare is completed with 60 beds and 20 bed day nursery. Unusual building that it has would appropriately make your children feel happy.

Gorgeous Play Center Children Embellished with Cool Statue Covered by Metallic Fence Colorful Playhouse on Front Yard

Let’s take a look at the interior a little. This is the indoor playground and learning site of the childcare. Some wooden opened storage are there. A small wooden table is also added. Lots of hanging lamps are there to enlighten the room. But there is a floor to ceiling glass window applied to help the lighting and give them beautiful scenery of the outside. Various items in colorful looks are there. Flashy wooden fences for the kids are also provided. If you interested with the indoor and exterior paint design ideas, why don’t you try to apply some in your house?

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