Outdoor floodlights for home security

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Form and function are two attributes that can be used to describe outdoor flood lights.  They light up the peripheral areas of your home thus improving security. One of the basic strategies of thwarting burglary attempts is to ensure that there is enough outdoor lighting. The powerful glow from the lights is sure to keep intruders at bay due to the fact that trespassers are less likely to linger in areas where there is plenty of light.

Outdoor floodlights are usually placed near the main entry points of a home and should also illuminate the perimeter area especially if there are trees or some shrubbery close by.

Apart from security, outdoor lighting can also be used to beautify a home. Illuminating the main architectural points of a house greatly accentuates the design.  It is possible to use different kinds of lighting to create various esthetic effects; for instance you can alternate between soft and bright lighting depending on how you want your home to look.

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Outdoor floodlights also play an important role in making outdoor space functional at night.  For instance you can entertain guests, play with children or just relax outdoors in the summer without being in darkness.

There are certain things to consider before installing outdoor lighting:

  • Find out the local building codes and regulations in your area and ensure that the cabling used and other components are permitted
  • Ensure that any components that are outdoors such as switchboxes, gaskets, fittings, and connectors are weatherproofed
  • The wires used should have heavy plastic sheathing for added safety
  • Any standalone receptacles should be properly mounted and secured
  • This may be a difficult job for DIY enthusiasts therefore you should ensure that you get a qualified electrician to carry out the installation
  • Make sure that components are out of the reach of children

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