Pros and Cons of Fall Ceiling Designs for Commercial Structures

Sophisticated Blue LED Lighting for Fall Ceiling Designs on White Ceiling in Modern Room

The fall ceiling designs, also known as suspended ceilings or drop ceilings, are additional ceiling fittings that are added to the original ceiling. This ceiling style is very popular in construction, more particularly in commercial and office structures. Popularity aside, this ceiling type has its own advantages and disadvantages that we will explain briefly here.

The fall ceiling ideas are really popular considering how easy they are to install. Fall ceilings for homes can be installed by  homeowners by simply buying the appropriate materials and working on the ceiling installation. However, it is highly recommended that you consult a qualified contractor for advice first for safety reasons. Another reason why this ceiling style is very popular is its ability to cover up pipes, wires, and ductworks easily and cost-efficiently.

Spacious Room with Unique Teak Table and Brown Sofa under Natural Wooden Fall Ceiling Designs

You can also take advantage of fall ceilings to sound proof, especially if you install one with fiber glass. This way, you can create a much cozier feel in the room. The suspended ceilings are also popular due to their ability to let you install lights, ceiling fans and other overhead appliances easily. Theses ceilings come in various colors and materials.

Unusual Yellow LED Lamp on Fall Ceiling Designs for Wide Room with White Painted Wall

However, it should be noted that a fall ceiling can reduce the height of a room. Therefore , if you’re not careful, the room may end up looking stuffy or cramped. The suspended ceilings don’t last very long too. After a few years, they usually sag, discolor, and show stains. Safety is also a big concern. The fall ceiling design is also not as strong as the traditional ceilings, especially in the event of a fire or an earthquake as the ceilings can be very unstable.

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