Space-Efficient Corner Bathroom Cabinet Ideas and Inspirations

Are you currently looking for corner bathroom cabinet ideas to inspire you to accentuate your small bathroom space? We have compiled some of the coolest corner cabinet ideas for small lavatories and want to show them to you today. While looking at these ideas, you can also explore other ideas while planning for the cabinet layout in your small bathroom. This will allow you to enjoy functionality without creating clutter in the room.

Traditional Bathroom with White Vanity and Bathtub near Classic White Corner Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Let’s start with this chic vintage bathroom. It is a very enticing corner bathroom vanity idea. This is achieved by placing the corner vanity on the opposite side of the vintage bathtub, and the space between is simply used for movement. The corner vanity is designed as a mounted unit. Small but functional, the corner vanity cabinet is designed with drawers to keep clutter away from the counter surface.

If a vanity cabinet is still not enough for your needs, what other options do you have? Well, you do not have to worry since there are still many possibilities to explore. For instance, take a look at this modern airy powder room that is designed with a corner vanity that is joined to an overhead medicine cabinet. The overhead storage unit has mirror front which means you have everything you need for a fully functional bathroom vanity without cramping the small lavatory.

Classic White Vanity under White Framed Wall Mirror and Vintage Corner Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

We personally don’t recommend  installing of a pedestal corner sink for your small bathroom. Pedestal sinks, unlike corner vanity cabinets, cannot hold many items, which may lead to unnecessary clutter. Even so, if you insist installing pedestal bathroom sink, we advise you to install overhead cabinet or wall-mounted shelving unit. These bathroom vanity design ideas  will ensure that you have enough storage areas in order to keep the space clutter-free.

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