The basics of laying laminate flooring

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There are plenty of benefits in laying laminate flooring as opposed to installing hardwood, tile or wood flooring.  Laminate flooring is much easier to clean that any other floor type and it is quite simple to install and in fact is quite popular with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. It is quite possible to complete laying laminate flooring for an averagely sized room in just a day.  You can cut the planks with a circular or hand saw into the required dimensions.  This means that there are no complicated tools required when laying laminate flooring. As a matter of fact many of the laminate systems available in the market consist of planks that which have snap together using an interlocking mechanism.

When laying laminate flooring it is important to establish whether the laminate system has an underlayment attached. In the event that the system you chose does not have any underlayment then it will have to be rolled out separately before starting any other process.  A major advantage of laying laminate flooring is that it does not require any tedious gluing processes.  This means that the floor basically fits onto the underlayment.  The entire flooring structure is held down by quarter-round moulding that is usually installed along the edges.


The process of laying laminate flooring can be customised according to preference.  This means that the laminate flooring can be altered to have different looks.  For instance it is possible to infuse a stone or hardwood look to a laminate floor.  This makes laminate a versatile option for flooring. It can also be installed on top of concreted or wooden subfloors.

laminate planks

Before acquiring laminate flooring it is important to get all the correct measurements of the room that requires laying laminate flooring. The length and width dimensions will reveal how much laminate will be required for a particular space. When doing these calculations add an extra 10% of the total materials in order to cater for any eventualities during the installation process.

When laying laminate flooring it is important to ensure all the segments fit well without leaving gaps.  This is because laminate flooring is prone to moisture.  Any accumulation of water could lead to floor damage.  However if the planks are well fitted water damage is likely to be negligible.

After completing the process of laying laminate flooring it is important to do away with the spacers and fix matching thresholds. Thereafter, quarter-round moulding should be installed at the walls with finishing nails.

Points of cautions

  • laying laminate flooring is not advisable for rooms that have floor drains
  • It is important to be aware of local and state building codes before laying laminate flooring
  • Requisite safety gear is required when doing this installation especially during the process of cutting the planks
  • Doors may require some slight shaving down before laying laminate flooring in order to ensure that they are able to open properly and not get stuck. It will also ensure that the laminate floor does not get scratches.

wood laminate

wood laminate

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