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mobee bar

If you consider yourself a conservation crusader of sorts then you definitely wouldn’t pass up a chance to purchase a ‘green’ gadget for your home; as long as of course it is innovative and fits your needs. The Mobee Magic Bar fits into the environmentally friendly gadget category and is a great addition to your home or office. This is the first compatible charger for the Apple wireless keyboard and track pad which comes with an inductive rechargeable battery; meaning you do not have to keep spending on AA batteries to power your computer input devices. The magic bar connects to the computer via USB and this is how it transfers and inductive charge to the wireless keyboard and track pad.

mobee magic bar closeup

Easy to install and use

The magic bar is very easy to set up and this is done by simply installing the provided rechargeable battery into an AA compartment that is located on the device.  The track pad or keyboard is then slid onto a base station for charging. The beauty of the magic bar is that both input devices can be used while charging.

Long lasting 

The Mobee Magic Bar is able to deliver up to 10 days of wireless service after one full charge. This means that users can enjoy wireless data input for extended periods without worrying about the charge running out quickly.

magic bar

No Clutter

By using this compact device you will not have to worry about desk clutter considering that it does not occupy a lot of space.

Goin’ Green

Disposal of used batteries is quite a major environmental issue and in my opinion, if you find an alternative such as the Magic Bar, I guess you will have played your part in conserving the environment.



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