The World of Candles : Elegant Candle Decoration Ideas

Yesterday I started thinking of how I could use candles to decorate my dining room table. Among the ideas that came to mind, the one I preferred the most was to place the candles all around my table to make it look pretty. In addition to being pretty the candles can also be functional accessories especially during nice romantic dinners when you want to set the mood with soft lighting. My table is made with colored wood which gives me the opportunity to choose almost any color as centerpiece.

Variety of candles

What surprised me was the variety of candles that were available in stores.  They range from round, square, and globe-shaped candles to more elaborate designs such as balloons shapes and candles-in-glass (which I liked a lot). There are a number of options and here is a brief description of what I saw.

These candles are suitable for a candelabra they come in a wide array of colors to suit every taste.
CILINDRICAS cilindricos

These are cylindrical shaped candles and they come in various sizes and colors. Light colored candles of this type would go well with a dark colored table. The white square candles, as seen in the picture below also have a simple yet sophisticated tone. They would definitely be a good choice for a beach house.

CUADRADAS cuadrados
These containers pictured above are used to place candles and they also help in creating a great atmosphere for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends. I like how they look in a garden at night especially when placed along a path which creates a magical look.

Ideas with different candles for decoration

The small beautiful candles above are known as floating candles.

This is the shop (pictured above) where I saw all the beautiful candles and accessories.  I really loved the place; they have a variety of lanterns and candles as well as all the relevant facts about them. The warmth of the place is symbolic of the love for beautiful handicrafts.

It seemed like a great idea to adopt in my garden as seen above!



More photos of this project

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