Top kitchen Trends in 2015

Do you know that remodeling your kitchen can provide you with as much as 81% of your investment? There are so many options available to design your kitchen, but in this article we will cover the top 5 kitchen design trends for 2015 that you can choose for converting your kitchen into a modern one.

  1. Make your kitchen smaller

Large kitchen is out of trends. Loft apartment and urban kitchens with small space will get benefit from small appliances that fit easily into kitchen counter top. Many brands are making under counter fridges and microwave that can easily sit beneath the counter top and are rarely noticeable. Therefore if you have a plan for a clutter-free kitchen in 2015 then you should consider smaller appliances.

Built-in Oven Kitchen with IslandBig Illuminated Modern Kitchen with Large Spaces

2. Wonderful wallpaper adds texture and colour to your kitchen

Adding wallpaper to your kitchen is a trend in 2015. Choose wallpaper that matches other design elements in the kitchen and put simple patterns or designs that catch anyone eyes when they walk past the kitchen décor. In future wallpaper will be introduced in the unexpected place like kitchen ceilings for creating a dramatic impression when somebody enters the room. Wallpaper is a quick and cost effective way to take your kitchen into a modern style look.

3. Black and white overtake stainless steel

In 2015 we will see black and white colour appliances will overtake stainless steel. It is very popular at the moment, which gives home with a sleek and contemporary look.

4. Opening kitchen spaces

Open floor plans will continue to rock this year and people look make warm and welcoming kitchen spaces that open into a dining area or lounge. When planning for an open plan kitchen make sure that any color schemes or decorative element that you use should reflect the adjoining room to ensure consistency in your property or combine design elements from both rooms throughout the open plan space.

Kitchen Island with White CabinetsAmazing Spacious Kitchen for a Big House

5. Storage solution

Bigger kitchen storage will be the kitchen trend in 2015. Introduce large cupboard with ample of space to make modern kitchen. We will also see the popularity of walk in lader.

6. Blue colour

Blue will be the most popular accent color. Indigo blue or deep navy will create a standard this year. Its bold, saturated color brings life for those looking to illuminate their world with pure and extraordinary colors

7. Painterly Rugs

A visually fluid rug with irregular patterns complements the grid of rectangular rooms and furniture. They are artistic and brings a creative look to the kitchen.

8. Gold Fixtures

Bright gold colour with a sleek finish will make a comeback in 2015. This color stands out and brings an interesting contrast without being too extravagant.

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