Types of beautiful wine racks for your home

 Specialty Wine Rack

You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to have a nice collection of wines in your home. And what better way to display your collection that with an elegant wine rack.  The structures are specially made to accommodate wine bottles and they vary in design and size. Wine racks can either be located in basement cellars or within the living area.  So, which kinds of wine racks are available in the market?

  • Wooden

Wood is undoubtedly the most commonly used materials to construct wine racks. The main reason for this is that it is easily obtainable and can easily be customized.

Wooden Wine Rack

  • Stainless Steel

Wine racks made from stainless steel as usually placed in kitchens. The material is able to sustain moist conditions for prolonged periods without getting corroded.  The shiny finish of stainless steel also give the structure very stylish appearance.

Stainless Steel Wine Rack

  • Wrought Iron

This is a suitable material for wine racks because it is very sturdy and it also has a rustic elegance.  Wrought iron is also easily customizable and can be made to order.

Wrought Iron Wine Rack

  • Specialty racks

Most wine racks are made to accommodate the standard wine bottles. Specialty wine racks however are made to suit a specific kind of bottle.  They are customized accordingly.

Wall Mounted Specialty Rack


  • Wall mounted

Unlike standalone wine racks wall mounted are attached to the wall.  These are more decorative in nature and usually don’t hold too many bottles.

Wall Mounted Wine Rack

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