3 Simple Ideas to Add a Spark to Your Interior

Starting an interior decor project may feel very daunting, however, with the right information you can make the process much easier.  Here are simple tips that can guide you when embarking on your decor project.


Living Room Illumination

Many people may not know it but lighting plays a big role in interior decor because it adds vibrancy and enhances the overall look. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, lighting is also a necessity for adequate indoor visibility.  Ensure that you choose the right lighting fixtures and you can complement this by ensuring that you have natural lighting from windows or skylights.  You can also use mirrors to enhance the lighting through reflection.

Create Illusion of Space

Open Floor Design

You use some design methods to make your indoor spaces look larger than they actually are. Having a uniform floor for instance, creates a natural flow that make a space look spread out.  If you have plenty of wall-art, ensure that you wall have minimal decoration. This will make the walls look less cluttered. Only maintain functional furniture and if you really need accent furniture ensure that it does not add clutter.

Personal Touch

Unique Home Design

Even if you are trying to maintain a particular theme, ensure that the design has your own personal touch. You can use pictures, personal collectibles, color preferences and accent furniture to customize your interior.

Personalized Home Design



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