3 Types of Veneers Used for Home Furniture


Most of the wooden products available in the market are not made of solid wood. Most of these products simply have a natural wooden sheet covering the visible parts of the structure. This is done for several reasons including;

  • Lowering costs of production since solid wood rather expensive
  • Reducing the weight of the structure
  • To enhance aesthetic value
  • To make the structure more stable

Natural sheets of veneer are created by cutting thin sheets of wood from tree trunks. This process is quite intricate an there are several techniques that are commonly used.

Flat Cut

plain flat cut veneerIt is sometimes referred to as plain cut or crown. This is the most common type of cutting method for veneers. For the flat cut, a log has to be cut into half and the veneer cutting is done parallel to the line that cuts through the log’s center.  This will create a grain pattern that is variegated on every sheet that is produced.

Rotary Cut

Rotary SlicedFor this type of cut, the log is mounted on a lathe at its center an when it is rotated, a thin veneer slice is cut out. This is a great method because it can produce large veneer sheets with broad grain patterns.

veneer sheet

Quarter Cut

Quarter cut veneer illustrationThis kind of cut starts with the process of quartering a log instead of halving it.  The sheets of veneer are cut using blades that are placed at a right angle to the log’s growth rings. This procedure results in narrower sheets that are often used to create high-end products.  However, the process also results in a lot more wastage of wood.

Sawing methods for veneers

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