4 Decorating Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

Well Fitting Furniture

When attempting to achieve a personalized decor theme you may get carried away and end up making some design blunders. Here are couple of indiscretions that should be avoided at all costs.

Ill Fitting Furniture

Just like ill-fitting clothes, furniture that does not fit well is a major no-no. Before buying any furniture you should measure your space and visualize the positioning beforehand. If you have a small space, resist any urges to buy excessively large furniture.  Plan your arrangement and ponder over it prior to any purchases.

Excessive Prints and Patterns

Prints and Patterns

Think about your color and design themes before decorating your home. Excessive use of patterns or prints makes a room look uncoordinated and this could mess up your whole theme. Choose a main pattern and then you can coordinate smaller prints, plaids or stripes to complement the whole look. Moderation is key when pulling off this look.

Too Many Collectibles

Living Room Collectibles

It’s okay to collect trinkets from your travels but you do not need to bunch them all together in one place. Make sure you spread the collectibles evenly around a particular space in order to avoid clutter.

Furniture Along the Wall

You may decide to make your living room look larger by placing furniture along the walls but in many cases the opposite is actually more practical.  Bringing the sofas closer to the coffee table and leaving some walking space behind can leave space for decorative items and other accent furniture.

Cerntered Furniture



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