4 great ways of repurposing home furniture

A practical way of dealing with unwanted furniture or fittings is simply to recycle rather than discard. It takes a little bit of creativity to turn something that is considered an old piece of junk into a beautiful and practical item. Here is a brief rundown of simple ways that you can re-purpose furniture around your home.

Old coffee table

Porch Table

If you have an old coffee table that you may not want in your living room, you can easily turn it into a porch table.  With a simple coat of high-gloss paint you can give the coffee table a new lease of life as an outdoor fixture.

Antique typewriter table

Typewriter Table Bedside Table

Back when typewriters were standard features in most houses, they often had special tables for use in the home.  Now that typewriters are obsolete the tables have no practical use; thus can be used as great bedside tables. They have great height and are sturdy enough, not to mention their antique look can be quite appealing.

Pinball game

Pinball Table

Pinball games offered a great pastime for kids but nowadays they are hardly considered as conventional sources of entertainment.  If you have an old pinball machine that is hardly used or spoilt, it can easily be turned into a great side table.  With a little bit of DIY ingenuity a pinball machine can be fitted with ornate legs resulting in an attractive piece of furniture.

Hardy Bookcase

Antique Book Cabinet Nightstand

Antique book cabinets can easily be turned into great nightstands. They offer ample storage space and the design can definitely add character to the bedroom area.


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