4 Vintage Kitchen Features That Could Work For Your Modern Kitchen

vintage kitchen stove

If you want to add a rustic feel to your contemporary kitchen, you could simply add a couple of vintage fixtures and you’ll have a unique appealing look. Take a look at some simple items that you could help you achieve this new look easily.

Multiple Compartment Stove

vintage stove

Vintage stoves often came with a number of functional compartments for cooking and storage. Brands such as Westwood Chambers, Magic Chef are good examples. This kind of stove will create a great new look and will not compromise the overall décor theme.

Colorful Appliances

turquoise kitchen appliances

What if you were to replace you bland charcoal gray refrigerator with a bright mint colored one. Mid 20th century kitchens were full of color and this is a refreshing look that you could replicate for your contemporary kitchen. There are plenty of appliances that come in bright eye-catching colors so you should not be afraid to add a splash of color .

colored kitchen appliances

Butler’s Pantry

butler's pantry

There was a time that virtually every kitchen had a small space between the kitchen and dining room that acted as a storage area. This space was often used to store dry goods and other surplus items. A few modern kitchen still have this feature but it is still a rarity. If you are redoing your kitchen or building one from scratch, consider a Butler’s pantry for extra storage.

Breakfast Booth

white breakfast nook

Elegant built-in breakfast nooks were a common feature a while back but not anymore. This is a great feature for your home; it is functional and it creates a different area for family or guests.

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