5 Amazing Kitchen Furniture Design Ideas

Counter-tops and working tables

Marble Kitchen Countertops
Among the best counter-tops and working table tops are those designed from granite or marble. They give the counter-tops a smooth appearance and make working in the kitchen enjoyable. They are hard enough to work on and easy to clean. Color and pattern selection should create harmony with the cabinets, shelves and other decor installations.

Extensive Kitchen Cabinets 

Extensive Kitchen Cabinets
To make your kitchen more stylish and appealing, go for an elongated cabinet with colors matching the background of the wall. The cabinet should be easily accessible to take different utensils and cooking materials. IKEA kitchen cabinet designs for instance usually have long doors for drawers to separate cooking materials and utensils. The cabinets vary in size depending on the size of your kitchen and preferred style.

Storage Shelves and Racks

Kitchen Storage Shelving
If space is a limitation, well-positioned shelves are ideal for storing utensils and keeping cooking materials. The wall shelves are used for placing items that are commonly used while others are kept in cabinets. A well-positioned rack is a perfect storage for cooking pots. A great design would suggest that these racks and shelves be positioned at a point where they can be accessed easily.

Comfortable Kitchen Working Chair

Comfortable Kitchen Work Chair
When working in the kitchen, a well-designed chair will make work easier and enjoyable. The best chair designs should help you reach the counter-top or working table as you taste the food or wait for others to cook. Remember to include a few chairs in case you have a visitor or your partner decides to lend you hand when preparing meals.

Long rustic tables 

Rustic Long Kitchen Table
The table you fit in the kitchen should create a sense of completion without blocking the pathway. For bigger kitchens, a dark colored table with two or four legs will make the kitchen truly appealing. However, consider going for round tables with a county style is the kitchen is relatively small. Remember to include a banquet at the center of the table to facilitate flow of energy and greater appeal.

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