5 Simple Ways of Decluttering your Home

Is your home full of stuff that you do not use and yet taking up a lot of space? Well this is common in many homes and sometimes it gets so overwhelming that you do not know where to start. However, there are some simple things that you may not have realized could and which could help you de-clutter your space.

Outdated Tech

VHS Player

We always seem to never be able to do away with rarely used or obsolete electrical devices. Items such as VHS recorders, cassette players, old camcorders, computers and TVs just seem to hang around the home even when they are never used. These appliances can actually be recycled so all you need to do is look up your local recycling drop off station and take all your old electronics.

Old Filing

File Drawer

Manual filing still exists despite many processes going paperless. This has led to accumulation of paperwork in our homes. In many cases you may have so much paperwork that cannot even fit in a cabinet which leads to an overflow of files and paper. You should find a way of digitizing your hard copies and discarding the physical paper. For the files that cannot be discarded, find an innovative way of storing them away so that they do not clutter the place.

Books and Music Collection

Music Collection

If you are a collector then you probably have a large stock of book and music. The best way of reducing your collection to a manageable amount is to donate or recycle some that you do not consider worth keeping. You could also consider digitizing your entire collection and storing the collection on your computer or on an external hard drive.

Broken or Chipped

Cracked Vase

Sometimes we hold on to items that are damaged in one form or another. If it is chipped or broken simply consider recycling or donating it. A cracked flower vase or coffee mug does not add value to your home.

  • Excess Furniture

    Cluttered Livingroom with Too Much Furniture

    We often have a tendency of holding on to furniture and over time it will surely accumulate. You should find a way of re-purposing furniture, selling it or giving it away. By doing this you will remain with just what you need.


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