5 Ways to make your bathroom elegant

White Towels

  • Add some fluff

If you want to add some charm to your bathroom a simple way is to invest in fluffy rugs and towels.  Soft and fluffy linens can give your bathroom a spa-like appearance thus transforming a plain looking space to a quaint comfortable space.

Fluffy Bathroom Rug

  • Soft lighting

It’s amazing just how much lighting plays a role in creating the right ambience.  A bathroom is a cleansing space which means it requires soft lighting which is soothing and helps creates a relaxing mood.  Harsh lighting is highly discouraged in the bathroom area.  If you are not able to completely change the lighting fixtures you can simply install dimmers which can help soften the light distribution.

Creative Bathroom Lighting

  • The candle effect

Candles are very sensual and they can help create a subtly elegant atmosphere.  Scented candles have the added advantage of releasing refreshing aromas.

Bathroom Candles

  • Showerhead swap

A luxurious showerhead can change the whole outlook of a bathroom, transforming it from drab to fab! A great showerhead also makes every shower feel like a special occasion.

Exquisite Peerless Rain Shower Head

  • Bathroom art

You can add some vibrancy and charm to your bathroom by including some pieces of art. There are plenty of options to choose from including printed framed portraits, bathroom posters, canvas wall art and other artistic ornaments.    

Bathroom Wall Art





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