A Few Great Ideas for Accent Tables

Oval Accent Table

Whether you need a piece of furniture for placing drinks or to separate different spaces, you can count on accent tables to get the job done.  These stylish tables give any room a chic finishing touch and they are both functional and fashionable. We have compiled a couple of ideas of ideas that you could put to use in your home.

  • Added storage

Extra storage space is always needed and most accent table offer surface space as well as drawers that could be used to store away various items.

  • Complement your coffee table

Adding an accent table to a space can greatly complement an existing coffee table without cluttering the space.  The accent table could also add some balance especially if there’s plenty of free space that is not being used.

Coaster Accent Table

  • Great for small spaces

If your living space is very space-restricted, you could opt for an accent table which does not take up a lot of space and can easily be store away. It can also be pulled out easily in case it if you need it.

  • Divide your room

If you need a simple way to partition a room easily you can simply use an accent table which will also have the added benefit of offering storage and visual appeal.

Small Black Accent Table

Antique Accent Table

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