Aluminum Vs Steel Fencing

  Newport Black Aluminum Fence 

Adding a fence to your property is a good way of enhancing security and privacy.  It could also improve the visual appeal of your outdoor area depending on the materials and design used.  In most cases good fencing can actually raise the value of your property. Once you make the decision to install a fence the contractor will normally ask which material you would prefer.  In many cases the two most favoured options are steel or aluminum fencing.

  • Aluminum Fencing

This is a great option because it is relatively affordable compared to iron and steel.  Aluminum is also light and easily resists corrosion. Compared to other materials, aluminum is easier to fabricate thus making the cost of production lower. This metal is environmentally friendly and it is 100% recyclable. This means that if you wish to get rid of it can be reused or fully recycled into new products. The only major downside of using aluminum for fencing is that it is not as sturdy as iron or steel. Thus ultimately means that Aluminum is suitable if you are more interested in a decorative structure rather than a high security structure.

Close Space Picket  Black Aluminum Fence

  • Steel Fencing

Steel is very durable and sturdy.  It is not able to naturally resist corrosion but when it is adequately galvanised it becomes an ideal option for outdoor fencing. The sturdiness of steel ensures that fencing will comfortably withstand extreme weather conditions as well as man-made destruction.

Elegant Steel Fencing

Steel fencing is more expensive than aluminum fencing but it offers better security which justifies its costliness.  Steel fencing is commonly used for residential and commercial security fencing and it comes in various designs which are usually customized according to specific requirements.

Plain Steel Fencing


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