Apartment Interior Design Ideas with Black Woven Light Fixtures

Fabulous Apartment Interior Design Ideas in Living Room

If you are tired with the southern or eastern European design, Mediterranean or may be American. It is the time for you to try the newest design influenced by the Scandinavian design. The most important thing in the Scandinavian apartment interior design ideas is the minimalist color palette that usually white and black only. The simplicity lead you to the neutral atmosphere where you cannot find any vivid and bright color as you glance at it.

Apartment Interior Design Ideas: The Living Room

The next feature of Scandinavian apartment interior design ideas is the living room. Scandinavia is a cold country so of course you need something warm in your house. The fireplace can the best option to such of thing, but the proper lighting can replace that. The Scandinavian living room is not so large like studio apartment interior design ideas. The point is black color of the sofa emphasized by the white wall color and some orange accessories in the table. It can be cushion or linen or anything else, but the cross relationship of these three colors is the best represented the Scandinavian in general. This orange contrast in the living room can be very jovial and cheerful.

Apartment Interior Design Ideas: The Dining Room

It is also very important to have a nice Scandinavian dining room design in the apartment interior design ideas. The tone is still the same as the living room. The different point is the use of the woven fabric to cover any furniture like the carpet and the light fixtures. This black woven light fixture can make the light bit dim but in the underneath it is accumulated and giving the best vibrant radiance to the breakfast area. The dining table set tends to be white in color because of its simplicity. In the end, it is not very modern apartment design ideas, but modest.

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