Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas with Traditional Vanity Cabinet

Cool Modern Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

Bathroom is the most important place in the house. Everybody need to do bathing right? So we suggest you to have the proper bathroom lighting design ideas. It can’t be so bright with so many lighting over exposure, but it is also can’t be so darker. The bright white color with many backlights can be very intriguing because of its modernity and luxury.

Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas: The Styles

Many things you can experiment in your bathroom lighting design ideas. The direct regular light bulb can traverse the light in every direction, so we think you must need one. The other type of lighting is the sconce light. It is usually placed in beside the mirror on top of the vanity sink. This lighting is emphasizing the sink zone when you are brushing your teeth or just applying your night treatment cream. The other type is the pot light and you can place it on top ceiling in the vanity sink zone. The most uncommon style of the lighting in the bathroom design ideas is the chandelier, except you are rich enough to afford this kind of thing.

Charming Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas in Simple Style

Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas: The Furniture

Beautiful Country Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas

To convince the lighting in bathroom lighting design ideas, it is the best for you to have the bathroom furniture that can emphases the radiance of the lighting itself. You can place a vanity sink or a cabinet vanity on your bathroom. This vanity is supposed to store your bathroom appliances like toothbrush, glass for gargling, towel and many more. The cabinet vanity usually has a marble side on its top and always combined with the sink and the faucet. It is very good modern bathroom lighting effect to the pot light if it is directly going beneath. You will have the luxurious effect.

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