Calming Zen House Design Bringing Japanese Style into Singaporean Home

Eye Catching Zen Interior Details in Berrima House with Metallic Pergola above Asian Ornamental Pool and Lovely Ornamental Plants

It is the Berrima House bringing the Far East Zen house design into South East Asian residence in Singapore. Simplicity is the very flawless concept embracing the exterior and interior designs. Fine lining accentuates the art of modesty that influences the inner feeling of peace. Multiple glass walls alter the solid element making the exterior fixture as if melting down with hyaline water of the outdoor pool. Hearing the calming sound of falling water on the water feature enhances the nuance of meditation home while the neat garden sports another natural beauty.

Fascinating Night View of Berrima House with Glaring Outdoor Lights on Minimalist Garden with Fresh Ornamental Plants Rustic Concrete Fence

Park + Associates has brilliant brainchild in juxtaposing various materials to create this marvelous architectural design. Open space ideas gather the refreshing ambiance creating a splendid livable dwelling. Contemporary concept makes the combination of thick marble wall and ligneous floor completing the open air hallway. A long slide of the marble wall captures a little charm of over the wall garden, breaking the monotony of solid mass wall. it is part of Zen house design concept in recruiting nice ice-breaker on bold stone wall tediousness.

Fancy Berrima House Enlightened by Glaring Ceiling Lights above Flashy White Kitchen Cabinet and Kitchen Island Pretty Flowers in Garden

The interior has plentiful natural light to fulfill the indoor atmosphere with warm radiance. A group of sitting furniture shows the elegance within the pouring brightness of the light. Translucency of the wall allows the outside scene to magnify the interior splendor. It also keeps the indoor garden to live as free as the outdoor one by sending the sun light for photosynthesis.

Feel all luxury while cleansing the body in abundant precious marble touch; the simplicity is still in the tune of minimalist bathroom interior. A wide mirror and white wall tile enlarge the narrow space with soft brightness. Lid on the light, every room will have warm golden illumination grants the dweller with marvelous romantic radiance within modern Zen house design realm.

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