Charming Island Table for Kitchen Situated in Modern Urban House

Beauteous Cabinet also Wooden Mounted Shelf plus Minimalist Island Table for Kitchen with Stools

With high range of island and table option for eating, it seems that a combination of both furniture concepts named Island table for kitchen will be more efficient to optimize the heart of house space in your house. Today, the island table is no longer only available in solid hardwood style. It is even more gorgeous and minimalist to fit your modern urban living space decorating idea. Of course, the island table must look adorable with less of ornamentation so that the appearance of kitchen looks simpler and cleaner at once.

Best Furniture of Cabinet also  Wooden sland Table for Kitchen with Attractive Chairs also large Chandelier

Well, from so many options of Island table for kitchen design you may choose, we are here to show you several samples as great inspiration in decorating your heart of house. The first urban home kitchen is intentionally painted in white and ivory to get such a clean view. The entire of the room is completed with white or other lighter and cleaner toned furniture and appliances including base kitchen cabinets. There, in the middle of the room, there is a slim long island table with stainless steel under-mount sink featured with arched faucet installed elegantly. Although, this long island table looks minimalist without any embellishment attached on it, it still can accommodate up to eight men who want to enjoy their daily meal together.

Bewitching Island Table for Kitchen and Nice Chairs also Glass Chandeliers plus L-Shape Cabinets

The next island table style shows the efficiency in maximizing a small room for cooking. Instead of integrating separated island and dining table for eating, this small sage green kitchen involves expandable island featured with bench and chairs. Basically, this sage green island comes in square with storage cabinet designed under the counter. Expandable board that is functioned as table is connected on the right side of the island. A wooden bench and a couple of chairs are purposely placed on each three sides of the island table for small kitchen to give users their private area in enjoying the meal.

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