Charming White Studio Apartment for Cool Bachelor Living Area

Cool Office in Apartment in Sweden with Metallic Barstool Complementing White Desk Exotic Wall Arts Glossy Table Lamp

This pretty white studio apartment feels so wondrous as a bachelor living area. This apartment has white as the main color. You also can discover stunning furniture that looks so simple and eye-catching in white color. The white color reflects the cleanness and simplicity of this apartment. The addition of simple decorations in bright colors is able to make this place looks fancy and wonderful.

The interior architecture of this white studio apartment design is dominated by white wooden element. You can see that this place has simple space without partitions, except for the bedroom and bathroom. Let’s see the decoration of the living room! The mini living room sets in the corner. It has colorful carpet with stripe color. You are able to notice that this mini space has comfortable sofa. This cozy blue sofa patches on the white wall. The existence of white metal coffee tables is also make this area looks impressive. This mini space has bookshelf that seems so fantastic fill the blank space in the corner.

Cozy Bedroom in Apartment in Sweden with Classic Blue Metallic Bed Covered by Tufted Quilt Glaring Table Lamp on Compact Bedside Table

Do you want to have romantic dinner in your small space? Definitely you can! This studio apartment has cool dining space in front of the living room. It has simple white dining table and surrounded by white chairs and bench. The small vintage bulb pendant light hang on the ceiling makes this space look sweet and pretty. This small dining space is set between the two windows. You can add small white pots with green plantations in these windows to decorate your dining place appearance.

Eclectic Apartment in Sweden with Modern Blue Couch and White Metallic Coffee Table Glaring Pendant Light Minimalist Bookcase

The cute bedroom is available in the corner. It has two white hinged doors with classic door hardware. Let’s peek up the interior of this bedroom to see how comfortable this bedroom for your sleeping time! This sleeping room has vintage bed set in the middle of the space. You also can notice that this sweet room has classic plate decorations that is patched on the white wall. The addition of vintage floor lamp in the corner space also makes this bedroom seems so gorgeous. Overall, what is your opinion about this studio apartment interior design for your future space?

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