Checklist for Preparing Your Home for Sale

As a seller your first and most important objective is to ensure that your home is in tiptop condition before putting it on the market. This is because the market today is quite competitive and you therefore have to ensure that your property is at its best so as to attract the right buyer. Here’s a basic checklist that you could refer to when doing a pre-sale makeover.

Checking Electrical Components

 Inspect both the interior and exterior, taking inventory of esthetic and practical repairs.
 Apply fresh coats of paint on doors, walls and shutters.
 Clean carpets and polish wood floors
 Repair any cracks that are visible in driveway and sidewalk
 Replace warped roofing or loose shingles/tiles
 Clean kitchen and bathroom accessories and if necessary do re-grouting
 Ensure countertops are clean and stain-free
 Repair any leaking or loose faucets
 Repair sticking doors and don’t forget to replace old doorknobs and locks
 Replace faulty or old electric components
 Replace cracked or broken windows
 Repair deck/patio area
 Fix any broken fencing

After doing the necessary repairs it would be advisable to get an independent certified home inspector to appraise the property.


DIY Home Preparation

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