Chic Small Apartment Decoration Designed with Minimalist Furniture

Astonishing Room Space Design on Modern Apartment with  White Colored Floor which is Made from Stone Veneer and Soft Yellow Shelves Lamp

Having a narrow lot in your living space does not mean that you stop your creative small apartment decoration. You only need to mix and match the room decor along with its furniture application in order to get the attractive space impression. Yet, you have to consider picking out the simple shape of furnishing because it will fit more to the room size. Clifton Leung Design Workshop may give you the best picture of practical apartment design in Wampoa Garden, Hong Kong, China.

Astounding Dining Space Design on Modern Apartment with  Several Soft Brown Colored Wooden Chairs and Bright Yellow Pendant Lamp

The only 39 square meter residence is conjured up by the architect to a spacious and homes space to live in. Since this apartment can afford a small space only, so the smartest solution is arrange an integrated room style. In the main lounge, the architect tries to manage a space with small apartment decorating ideas for guest inviting and dining area into one room. The living area is ornamented with broken white sectional sofa and window cabinet meanwhile the dining spot is completed with two small wooden chairs furnished with white swivel desk.

Awesome Kitchen Design on Modern Apartment with Soft Brown Colored Kitchen Countertop and Several Soft Brown Wooden Cabinets

The next room from this main space is intended for the sleeping space which is also furnished with displaying racks. Smartly, the rack wall is applied as the LED TV as well as the DVD player arrangement area. The rack itself can be open and set up forward so your guest can see your personal photographs and the kid’s toys collection.

By the way, the dining desk applied on this apartment can be extended so when you want to share your dishes with your family, you can manage the structure to a full shape. The kitchenette orientation is also organized as simple as possible to fit the small lot. You can find the small apartment decorating ideas cheap anyway that can adorn your living space in the best way.

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