Choosing Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors – Style and Functionality

Spacious Area with Orange Armchairs and Modern Fireplace near Grey Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing window treatments or curtains for sliding glass doors can be a challenging task since you do not want to obstruct the aesthetic appeal of the door. Sliding glass doors, which are sometimes known as patio doors, indeed, have a beautiful appearance you do not want to hide. However, it does not mean window treatments for patio doors are not recommended. We have some tips to help you.

Stunning Thick Brown and Sheer Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors in Sitting Area with Oak Table

It doesn’t really matter which one of curtains for sliding glass doors ideas you choose, these tips will be of help to you. You can start with tiebacks which secure stationary curtain panels to the side. We also recommend that you mount window treatments high enough above the frame of the door. By doing this, the hem won’t brush people’s heads as they pass through. And make sure the curtain panels reach just above the floor so that you can keep the panels clean.

Stylish Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors beside Kitchen with Oak Counter and Floating Cabinet facing Long Table

If you want a minimalist look you can opt for sheer curtain panels. Even a simple pair of sheer panels can work really well. With many colors and patterns existing today, you will not find much trouble finding sheer panels that match your home decor. And we recommend that you to utilize a hanging system that supports the panels with ring clips rather than heavy metal or wood rod.

We also advise you to opt for durable fabric panels, considering that the sliders undergo a lot of wear-and- tear. Hard-wearing fabrics aside, choose ones that are also easy to clean. For a more attractive appearance, you could add a simple valance. Some of the window treatments for sliding glass doors ideas here can transform the look of a plain sliding door.

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