Elegant Colonial Architectural Designs

American Colonial Architectural Design


In many countries, colonial themed houses are still a common feature. Colonial architecture simply refers to a style of building structures that can be traced back to a specific mother country. Colonists used to visit faraway lands where they would take their export their culture including their way of building.  For instance if you visit South America you are likely to come across a lot of Spanish influences in the architecture due to early settlement by colonialists from Spain.


Spanish Influenced Architecture



Colonial style architecture is very elegant and is very reminiscent of yesteryears.

In the United States, the origin of the colonial style architecture can be traced back to the 1700’s during the colonial era. Due to its status as a melting pot the American colonial architecture has influences from various colonial powers such as Britain, France, Netherlands and Spain that all had early settlers who traveled from their countries of origin .

Each culture had its own distinct characteristics in terms of building preferences and this was expressed in the finished structures.

Many of the original colonial style buildings are still in use today however, in many cases people choose to build new houses with the retro style.

Below are more classic examples of elegant colonial architectural designs.

French Colonial House Design



Dutch Colonial Style Bungalow


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